Season 3 Nonprofit Partners

Volunteer Center of the East Bay
Loaves & Fishes of Contra Costa
Stand! Against Domestic Violence
Diablo Regional Arts Association
Special Olympics Northern California
Hospice and Palliative Care of Contra Costa

The Volunteer Center of the East Bay

The Volunteer Center, a nonprofit organization established in 1956, is the place where volunteers and nonprofit organizations connect in the East Bay. The Center’s purpose is to increase community involvement and our organizational belief is that increased involvement offers tangible benefits to all participants – volunteers, agencies, recipients of service and civic life as a whole. Our services include managing a web-based database,, which enables nonprofit organizations to list volunteer opportunities for individuals, groups and prospective Board Members. Our website lists over 860 volunteer opportunities for over 480 nonprofits and is visited by more than 50,000 people annually. The Center’s staff members also provide training and consultation services to help nonprofit organizations manage volunteers.  

Our programs:

  • Student Volunteer Program - teens involved in the Youth Action Council have the opportunity to volunteer with other teens at projects that fit their busy schedules and interests. We also assist schools and volunteer clubs connect with non-profits.
  • Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) - provides people 55 years and older the opportunity to apply their life experience to volunteer opportunities designed to meet community needs. The Center’s program provides personalized interviews and placement of volunteers.
  • Holiday Program - we work in partnership with community agencies to provide support to low-income individuals and families during the holidays.   We deliver this program by collecting and publishing information about agencies that are seeking volunteers or family gifts.
  • Disaster Response Program – we participate in a regional effort to prepare for the management of volunteers in the event of a disaster.  Our services include screening and matching volunteers with agencies providing disaster response activities. 
  • Week of Caring - Every September, the Volunteer Center works in partnership with United Way of the Bay Area to present the “Week of Caring,” during which corporations and their employees participate in group service projects.  This year, the Center will place over 2,800 volunteers at 89 local nonprofit organizations. 

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Loaves & Fishes of Contra Costa

Loaves and Fishes of Contra Costa is a non-profit organization providing services to the hungry of Contra Costa County, California. We currently have dining rooms in Antioch, Bay Point, Concord, Martinez, Oakley and Pittsburg that serve lunch meals Monday through Friday.

We are governed by a Board of Directors composed of members of the community who are concerned about the needs of the homeless and hungry. Our kitchen and dining rooms are staffed by professionals and volunteers. In operation since 1983, we recently passed a milestone of 2,500,000 meals served.

Loaves & Fishes was founded in May 1983, when Pauline Brisbin and Lucy Zendaez, both Pittsburg, California residents, decided to provide meals for people who were looking for food in a dumpster in their neighborhood. A number of other volunteers worked with Pauline and Lucy to approach St. Peter Martyr Catholic Church to allow them the use of its basement to prepare and serve meals. The very first day 26 meals were served. The number of people who arrived at the newly-formed soup kitchen grew quickly. More volunteers were recruited, and food was donated allowing the dining room to serve a mid-day hot meal five days a week. After several months hundreds of meals were being served daily to hungry men, women and children, without charge or qualification. A not-for-profit corporation was formed with the name "Loaves & Fishes Dining Room of Pittsburg, Inc.", which leased the basement kitchen and dining room at St. Peter Martyr Church.

Loaves and Fishes began outreach to other parts of Contra Costa County. In 1987, a dining room was openned in Concord. This was followed by expansion to Martinez in 1992. The name "Loaves & Fishes of Contra Costa" was adopted in 1993 to reflect the expanded operations and goals. The enlarged and more complex operations now required a full time Executive Director.

The men, women and children coming to the three dining rooms were, and are, all very low income persons, with the average family income being less than $700 per month. Although some 25% are homeless, the majority are represented by individuals and families who simply do not have enough money to last through each month. Continued reductions in federal and state assistance may increase the need for more people to supplement their income with free meals from our dining rooms.

In 2000, the Pittsburg dining room was relocated to Bay Point. Additional dining rooms have been added to serve the hungry in Oakley (2002) and Antioch (2004). On October 1, 2004, a new dining room was openned in Pittsburg, allowing a returned to Pittsburg after a four year absence. There are many other communities, which are in need of a congregate meal program, and Loaves & Fishes is constantly looking for the volunteer and financial resources to address this need.

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STAND! Against Domestic Violence

At STAND! Against Domestic Violence, we know how to turn fear and pain into hope and confidence. Since 1977 STAND! has been the sole provider of comprehensive, domestic violence services that address the entire spectrum of needs to end the cycle of violence while rebuilding lives in communities throughout Contra Costa County.

STAND! employs key professional staff and supervises valuable volunteers who provide the optimum level of service in crisis intervention, prevention and treatment services to 11,000 individuals each year. STAND! has an extraordinary, 10 member, Board of Directors and 56 professional level staff that do maintain and support the philosophy of comprehensive and community-wide approaches to the problem of domestic violence.

Key services include intervention and crisis counseling, emergency shelter, social and legal advocacy and safety plan training to people who are abused. Shelter services offered at the Rollie Mullen Center and Margaret Lesher Center can run from eight weeks to up to 1 to 2 years for transitional services. In addition we implement high-quality and culturally appropriate, clinical treatment programs for people who abuse and specialized counseling and clinical services for victims of abuse. In the area of prevention, STAND! offers a variety of cutting-edge preventive education programs to clergy, youth, children and adults who might experience abuse in the future or those that can identify abuse at an early stage. The multitude of our core services come under three categories: Intervention, Treatment and Prevention.

STAND! Leads the Community in Ending Domestic Violence and Rebuilding Lives.

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Diablo Regional Arts Association

Diablo Regional Arts Association is a non-profit organization that supports artistic enrichment initiatives and raises funds to support the full spectrum of arts within the Lesher Center for the Arts (LCA) including drama, musical theatre, dance, opera, music, and the visual arts. Funds are distributed to LCA arts producers through DRAA’s Artistic Excellence Grant Program, Arts Access Program and Sponsorship Program.

Artistic Excellence Grant Program
The Artistic Excellence Grant program has two focus areas - New Producers, which brings new performers to the LCA and Artistic Enhancement, which rewards current LCA production companies. Both focus areas are designed to increase the quality of the artistic offerings within the LCA by motivating producers to include qualitative stretches within their seasons.

Arts Access Program
Through its Arts Access program, the Diablo Regional Arts Association (DRAA) is dedicated to providing underserved populations the opportunity to experience the arts.

Each year with the assistance of our valued donors and sponsors, DRAA works with local schools, senior facilities and shelters to provide services including tickets to high-quality professional performances and exhibitions at the LCA. Transportation, sign language interpreters, and on-site programs at senior care facilities such as art projects and lectures are also offered. No other institution in Contra Costa County, perhaps even the Bay Area, provides services of this kind on such an inclusive and sustained basis.

Sponsorship Program

A Sponsorship with DRAA provides benefits and VIP privileges that are perfect for entertaining clients, employees or as sales incentives. Sponsors can partner with DRAA in several ways- Production Sponsorship, Arts Access Sponsorship, Event Sponsorship or Marketing Sponsorship. Sponsorship opportunities range from $1,000 to $50,000 and beyond and are customized to meet sponsors' business goals and interests.

History of DRAA
From its founding roots in the Civic Arts Association (1967) and the Regional Center for the Arts, Inc., to its consolidation as Diablo Regional Arts Association (DRAA) in 1993, DRAA has played a pivotal role in growing and sustaining the performing and visual arts in Contra Costa County. As evidence to its success, DRAA has grown from an organization providing just $65,000 per year to the arts in the region, to a powerhouse fundraiser contributing more than $750,000 annually.

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Special Olympics Northern California

Special Olympics Northern California’s mission is to provide FREE year-round sports training and competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with developmental disabilities.  As a result of their participation, our athletes experience improved physical fitness and motor skills, greater self-confidence, a more positive self-image, friendships, and increased family support.  Special Olympics athletes carry these benefits with them into their daily lives at home, in the classroom, on the job, and in the community. 

Today in Northern California, nearly 14,000 children and adults with developmental disabilities participate in Special Olympics throughout the year. Volunteer coaches run teams at the grass roots community level throughout Northern California.  Our athletes choose to train and compete in a variety of sports, including: basketball, bocce ball, bowling, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, floor hockey, golf, gymnastics, long distance running, long distance walking, power lifting, roller-skating, soccer, softball, snowboarding, snowshoeing, tennis, track & field, and volleyball.  Sports are divided into sport seasons with athletes participating in a minimum 8-week training program during each season.  Each season includes area and regional competitions and culminates with the chance for athletes to attend chapter level or state-wide championship competitions within Northern California.  All of our competitions are free and open to the public.  Without the valuable time of our nearly 11,000 volunteers and coaches, and the funding from our generous donors our program would not be possible.

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Hospice and Palliative Care of Contra Costa offers pain control and symptom management, as well as emotional, spiritual, practical, and bereavement support to terminally ill patients and their families, regardless of their ability to pay for services.  Care is provided in the patient’s home, that of a friend or relative, a skilled nursing, residential care, or assisted living facility, or Hospice’s Bruns House inpatient care home.  Specialized programs provide services to women with recurrent breast cancer (Anna’s Program) and to children and teens (Comfort for Kids).  The mission of all Hospice programs and services is to ease physical and emotional suffering by providing expert, compassionate care and ensuring that patients and families retain control over their personal and medical choices. 

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