Season 15 Nonprofit Partners

CASA of Contra Costa County (James Comey)
Mindful Life Project (Jean Twenge)
Village Community Resource Center (Rick Wilson & Marc Lotter)
Delta Veterans Group (Martha Raddatz)
The Bread Project (Jeff Henderson)
Ujima Family Recovery Services (J.D. Vance)
Tandem, Partners in Early Learning (Amy Tan)
Cancer Support Community (Julius Erving)

CASA of Contra Costa County

CASA of Contra Costa County provides volunteer advocacy for children who are dependents of the Juvenile Court as foster children. CASA volunteers are appointed by the Juvenile Court and work one-on-one with these children. CASA volunteers visit the foster home, meet with teachers, mental health providers, attorneys and social workers so they can provide a complete report to the Juvenile Court about a child's situation, and make recommendations for improvement.

Research shows that children in foster care with CASA advocates have better outcomes. They spend less time in foster care, and are less likely to be bounced from home to home. They are 50% less likely to reenter the child welfare system. In addition, they do better in school including being 20% more likely to pass all their courses, and 25% less likely to have poor conduct in school.

Nationally, less than half of foster youth graduate from high school or earn a GED, but 100% of CASA youth in Contra Costa County graduate or earn a GED. Less than 10% of foster youth attend college, but 62% of CASA youth attend college or other post-secondary education.

Due to the exceptional outcomes for CASA youth, in 2016 the CASA Board of Directors undertook an ambitious five year plan to increase the number of abused and neglected children served by the organization to 400 a year. This will allow the organization to serve almost 40% of the children in foster care in Contra Costa County by 2021. Help CASA youth:

Mindful Life Project

Village Community Resource Center

Delta Veterans Group

The Bread Project

Ujima Family Recovery Services

Tandem, Partners in Early Learning

Cancer Support Community