September 8, 2008

Jeff Corwin
Animal Planet Host and Leading Conservationist

Emmy winner Jeff Corwin has been working for the conservation of endangered species and ecosystems around the world since he was a teenager. Animal Planet audiences best know Corwin as host of The Jeff Corwin Experience, one of the most popular shows on cable television. The series reaches over 13 million viewers in the United States, and is viewed in more than 70 countries worldwide.
TV viewers now get to see Corwin in Corwin's Quest, which debuted in June 2005. In this adventurous series, filmed over many months in five continents, Corwin explores several themes or sensory qualities of animal behavior, including sound, smell, diet, defense, attack, and survival.

Since 2000, Corwin has partnered with Animal Planet and Discovery Communications as host and executive producer of The Jeff Corwin Experience. He also serves as the executive producer of Corwin's Quest. His first book, Living on the Edge: Amazing Relationships in the Natural World is now available in paperback. His newest television show, Into the West, will explore the American West and its wildlife.

When not in the field, Corwin lectures on wildlife, ecology, and conservation to audiences across the United States. He has also established an interactive museum and environmental education center called the EcoZone. Based in Norwell, Massachusetts, the town where Corwin spent his childhood, the goal of the EcoZone is to build awareness of the wildlife and ecology unique to the wetlands of southeastern Massachusetts.

Now an expert in rainforest animals, Corwin was first introduced to the tropical rain forests in 1984, while on an expedition to Belize. The experience fueled his interest in the study and conservation of these ecological marvels. In 1993, Corwin addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations regarding the need to conserve neotropical rain forests. By 1994, he had served as expedition naturalist for The Jason Project, the acclaimed documentary series produced by National Geographic and EDS under the direction of Robert Ballard.

Corwin has bachelor of science degrees in biology and anthropology from Bridgewater State College, and a master of science degree in wildlife and fisheries conservation from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. In 1999, Bridgewater State College honored Corwin with a doctorate in public education for his work in communicating about the need for a sustainable approach to using natural resources and the importance of conserving endangered species. Corwin firmly believes that through education and awareness, the natural resources, wildlife, and ecosystems that make up our planet will be conserved for future generations.
Corwin's winning personality, combined with his camera-friendly good looks, led editors to choose him as one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" and he was also included on the highly regarded Entertainment Weekly "It List." In October 2003, Corwin made a guest appearance as himself on the popular television series CSI: Miami. Other television appearances include the Today show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning,The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Access Hollywood, Extra, and Oprah. In 2004, Corwin won an Emmy for best performer in a children's series. Recently, Corwin hosted a series of CNN specials with Anderson Cooper, Planet in Peril, and continues to make appearances on CNN to discuss the problems facing our environment today.

When not traveling the world, Corwin can be found at his eclectic home off the coast of Massachusetts, which is decorated with unique and unusual artifacts from his globetrotting. He lives with his wife Natasha and daughter Maya Rose.




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