Tom Daschle
Former Senate Majority Leader

Over the last decade, Tom Daschle has been one of the most powerful and influential figures in American politics. Having served as Senate Majority Leader and Senate Minority Leader from 1994-2005, his legacy as tireless fighter for America’s common man and a dynamic party leader remain hallmarks of his career.

From his early service as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force, through his 18-year presence in the Senate, Tom Daschle has noteworthy experience of America. Always advocating for quality education, healthcare, agriculture communities, Veterans and Native Americans alike, he represents the tireless fighter for American’s working families. In his first year on the hill, he was appointed to the powerful Senate Finance Committee, an unusual honor for a freshman. In 1988, then-Senate Democratic Leader George Mitchell named Daschle the first-ever co-chair of the Democratic Policy Committee.

In his congressional terms as both Senate Majority, and Minority Leader—Tom Daschle demanded fiscal discipline from Congress and the White House, and enacted legislation that improved the lives of Americans. Being a leading American statesman trekking through years of our nation’s journey, he’s an event speaker that will bring perspective and knowledge on where America can progress.

Speech Topics:
The American Journey: New Paths, New Opportunities