Jehan Sadat
Humanitarian and Widow of Anwar Sadat

A world figure and widow of the late Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat, Jehan Sadat has been active in the women's movement both in her country and in the world. She was the first wife of a Muslim leader to have her picture in the newspaper, to travel outside her country, and to take up public causes. She succeeded in reforming victimizing divorce laws and was responsible for the Egyptian Civil Rights Law, which resulted in more rights for women. A long time political activist, Mrs. Sadat worked closely with her husband in his quest for peace. She received a Ph.D. at the age of 41 and is a teacher, a poetry scholar, and is an advocate for the eradication of world illiteracy.

Mrs. Sadat's involvement in social activism began several years before Mr. Sadat became President. She started a women's emancipation movement in her village of Talla, aimed at helping women become less dependent on their husbands, and more self-sufficient. Mrs. Sadat empowered these women by establishing village cooperatives where they learned to sew, enabling them to earn their own money, and elevating their status within their communities and families.

Mrs. Sadat is a frequent speaker on women’s rights, international policy, and many other humanitarian issues.