Bob Dole

Recognized as one of our nation’s towering political figures, Bob Dole has lived a lifetime of service to America -- a lifetime that has positively affected the course of history. One of only sixteen Americans ever to serve as Senate Majority Leader, Dole’s remarkable political career achievements also include serving as Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee; the Republican candidate for U.S. president; his party’s nominee for Vice President; a member of the House of Representatives; Chairman of the Republican Party; a state legislator; and a county attorney.

Bob Dole began serving his country early in life. Born in Russell, Kansas, in 1923, he enlisted in the Army in 1942 as a college sophomore. While serving in Italy as a platoon leader in the legendary Tenth Mountain Division in 1945, he was gravely wounded on the battlefield. His war wounds would greatly change his life. With hard work, incredible patience and determination, he rebuilt his body, and used the lessons he learned during his long recovery in every aspect of his life. He bore the scars of his wounds so well that few noticed his physical limitations.

The experience of living with a disability inspired Dole to help other physically and mentally challenged people throughout his political career. His first speech before the Senate, on April 14, 1969, was about the rights of the disabled; former President Bush credits him with persuading him to support the Americans With Disabilities Act.

His 1991 battle with cancer inspired him to speak out again -- this time, about the importance of early cancer detection and proper treatment. As always, Dole was doing his utmost to positively impact the lives of Americans.

Bob Dole is known as a man with a strong sense of commitment, a man who stands by his word. He is a courageous statesman who has earned the admiration of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike. In an era in which public character has become a major political issue, he has exemplified an extraordinary sense of integrity, duty, and constancy, remaining at all times a man worthy of the trust and admiration endowed upon him by his constituents.

His book, Great Political Wit of the 20th Century: Laughing All The Way to the White House, was published in September 1998.

Bob Dole’s lifelong record of public service gives him a unique perspective on the political and social issues facing our nation. His audiences enjoy the rare privilege of hearing this veteran leader provide expert insights into today’s most pressing concerns as he discusses his insights into tomorrow. Although retired from elective office, Dole continues to lead each time he steps to the podium, serving as an example of courage, integrity, duty, and service to the ideals upon which our nation was founded, the ideals for which he is admired the world over.